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Sports Physicals

Noosha Shaheedy, MD, FAAP

Pediatrician located in Century City, CA

Dr. Noosha Shaheedy and the staff of Shaheedy Medical Corporation offer sports physicals and evaluations to their patients. California residents living in the Century City and greater Los Angeles areas are encouraged to make an appointment with the doctor if they are planning to participate in any school-sanctioned athletic activity and need a sports physical.

Sports Physicals Q&A

What does a doctor look for during a sports physical?

During a sports physical, Dr. Shaheedy looks for any potential issue that could result in an injury or the irritation of an existing health condition: She’ll take a close look at the athlete's medical history and perform a thorough physical examination to determine the athlete's overall health. If she finds any abnormalities, Dr. Shaheedy will take steps to help the student pass the physical, if possible.

A sports physical will often uncover conditions like asthma, irregular heartbeat, and other physical abnormalities that could influence the student's athletic performance. However, a sports physical is only good for one school year and must be repeated prior to the student playing the next year.

What happens if an athlete fails a sports physical?

If a student fails a sports physical, they won’t be able to perform in any athletic activity until they’ve been released by Dr. Shaheedy and passed their evaluation. If the condition is something that’s easily treated, she’ll formulate a treatment plan and continue to evaluate the athlete. Once the patient can pass their sports physical, the doctor will release them to play.

If the condition can’t be corrected, Dr. Shaheedy will be able to provide the treatment the student needs to regain their physical health as much as possible. Conditions like diabetes won’t prevent a student from participating in sports, but they will need to be closely monitored for their own benefit.

What is included in a sports physical?

Dr. Shaheedy will carefully review a student's past medical history before she performs a sports physical. During a sports physical, Dr. Shaheedy:

  • Checks the student's vitals.
  • Listens for any abnormalities in both the heartbeat and breathing.
  • Performs tests that can detect hernias or other issues with the abdomen or reproductive organs.

She’ll also check the patient’s joints, reflexes, and skeletal structure to determine if there are any imbalances or prior injuries that would affect the student's performance or increase their risk of potential injury. Finally, Dr. Shaheedy evaluates the student's hearing and eyesight to determine if they need to have any other evaluations performed prior to their participation.