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Obesity Consultation

Noosha Shaheedy, MD, FAAP

Pediatrician located in Century City, CA

Residents living in the greater Los Angeles and Century City, California, areas are welcome to visit the Shaheedy Medical Corporation if they have any questions concerning diet, exercise, and helping their child live a more active lifestyle. Dr. Noosha Shaheedy is a board-certified pediatrician who offers obesity consultations for her young patients who have gained more weight than normal.

Obesity Consultation Q&A

What occurs during an obesity consultation?

During an obesity consultation, Dr. Shaheedy will assess the child's weight and growth patterns to identify where the main problems lie. Dr. Shaheedy will also look at the child's diet, their level of activity, emotional state, behavior, and home life to determine if there are issues that need to be addressed. Increasing the child's level of activity and improving their diet are often the two main areas where substantial changes can be made.

Children who have behavioral or emotional issues may also have eating disorders that affect their weight. Wellness check-ups and developmental assessments can help Dr. Shaheedy uncover potential problems that can lead to obesity and provide her with the information she needs to formulate effective treatment plans for each patient.

When should a child start exercising?

Most children are extremely active on their own and may not need to have an additional exercise program. Those who have developmental disabilities or who have problems with obesity can be encouraged to exercise at any age. With small children who are developmentally delayed, physical or occupational therapy can get them back on track.

Regular exercises that teaches them how to perform day-to-day activities will strengthen not only their physical body but also help to develop their thought processes and mental acuity. Parents who exercise regularly can include their children and create family exercise programs that benefit all who participate.

Other than diet, what lifestyle changes should be considered when a child is determined to be obese?

Children who are obese often have more than one health issue that contributes to the problem. While dieting does play a large role, it isn't the only thing that needs to be addressed. The child's level of physical activity, as well as their behavior, should also be considered. Positive lifestyle changes can be added to help encourage the child on all levels.

Eating a wholesome diet will provide the child with the nutrients they need, while exercise will keep them active and help to relieve frustration and aggression. Encourage the child to be creative and express themselves in different ways. Create a positive home environment that includes reinforcement and the acknowledgment of achievements.